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Google Classroom Update

Happy Thursday! Today, Google announced updates to the Classroom service that allow you to customize your header image to best fit the personality of your class.  Additionally, they have done updates to the iOS and Android app!  More details can be found at:

Call for Makers - What Will You Dream Up?

On Saturday, May 30 please consider sharing your talents and ideas.  Our inaugural Maker's Faire depends on all of you!  We know Southwest Michigan is full of amazing individuals. The Southwest Michigan Makers Faire will provide our community with the venue to share your talents and passions.  Do you have a classroom full of creators?  Come share with us.  Do you tinker in the garage? Come share with us.  Do you make on a professional basis?  Come share with us! Our form is live and awaiting your ideas.  Just click on the 'Makers Apply Here' button at the top of our site.

What's Learned Here, Leaves Here - A Berrien RESA Twitter Challenge

I am asking all of you to get involved.  Berrien RESA is leading a twitter challenge on Feb. 16.  More on this to come, but I am hoping you will follow, participate, or even lead this challenge in your classroom, building, or district.  Connections make us stronger.  Connections make us smarter. Become better connected and share your story.  I will start by sharing mine. With only 140 characters as a defining limitation I did not see how Twitter would change my profession, or more precisely my professional development.  I was wrong.  I signed up for the service skeptically.  There were enough folks posting shots of their dinner in the world, and it all looked better than mine. What did I have to offer?   Like many I started out following famous athletes and others of 'interest' to the world.  I soon learned that this was not very engaging.  My next step was to connect while at conferences.  I would follow a hashtag and participate with other attendees.  This added valu