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The Real Challenge of MOMO

I am beginning to think that the challenge portion of the MOMO challenge is really directed at parents and teachers.  It is a challenge for parents to not fall for a hoax, and not overreact to their child’s technology use.  For teachers it is a challenge to develop student’s digital literacy and critical thinking skills. The energy and fervor with which the challenge spread through the interwebs and into mainstream media is testament to the basic parental desire of keeping their kids safe. The MOMO challenge supposedly began with texting a number to WhatsApp or other messaging platforms.  A set of tasks would then be sent to the ‘player,’ one per day, becoming increasingly dark, eventually promoting self-harm and even suicide.  What is most upsetting about hoaxes such as this to me, is that it trivializes the reality of teen suicide and mental health. It means that instead of directing attention and resources to where they can most make a difference the medi