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Teacher Pep Talk

My friend Alaina Sharp has started a podcast called Teacher Pep Talk.  Alaina is a high school chemistry teacher at Western High School in Parma, Michigan and it is her desire for teachers everywhere to start their day out on a positive note.  I submitted my pep talk (the audio and text are both below) and I hope you find it worth a quick listen, but mostly I'm hopeful you will share yours as well.   First, record your audio message of about five minutes (multiple ways to do this, the easiest probably being using a voice notes app on your phone, reach out if you'd like assistance). Second, send a link of your recording to .   Third, there is no third step.  That's all there is to it!  So what are you waiting for?!  My name is Joe Rommel and I’ve been thinking a lot about bubbles lately.  As the father of four children we spent a lot of time this summer playing with bu

Tech Tip - Change the Ownership of a Google Calendar Event

Situation:   An administrative assistant creates all of the calendar invites for IEP meetings. Problem: The administrative assistant, as the creator / owner of the calendar event, must attend all meetings to allow entry for anyone outside the school domain. Solution: Change the ownership of the calendar event to someone attending the meeting, (perhaps the building principal).  Read on to discover how!   1. Start out by creating a new event.  This can be done by clicking the +Create button near the top left, or by clicking on the calendar on the date and time you would like the event to occur. 2.  Add a title, guests, video conferencing with Google Meet, and any other details you would like and click ‘save.’  Your event is on the calendar and now we can edit the ownership. 3. Now that the calendar invite is visible you will need to click on the invite one time so the panel to the right launches and then click on the three dots.  This will allow you to change the owner of the meeting.